A Chit Chat With… A Lighting Designer!

Another week of interviews with the unsung heroes of your favourite shows. Lighting though, how bloody important is it? From mood setting to outright “WOW” in your face factor, it is an integral part of a good show. So this week we speak to Belinda Best, a super talented Lighting Designer (amongst other things). As […]

A Chit Chat With… A Label Owner (How to start your own label)

How to start your own music label? The million dollar question some might say. Have you been contemplating it fo a while but scared to take the plunge? Well had a chit chat with Jack Clothier from Alcopop! Records to give you a few pointers, what he’s most proud of, how he managed to buy the […]

A Chit Chat With… A Sound Engineer!

What a pleasure it has been so far to showcase to you the wonderful people of the music industry! We love the great reception this has had so far too, thanks a lot! Who would you like to see, and what profession would you be interested in knowing a little more? With “A Chit Chat […]

A Chit Chat with… A Music Podcaster!

Hey everyone! Ben here, back with another episode  of our “A Chit Chat With…”, this week with how to be a music podcaster! We are joined by lovely music nerd Adam Vallely, from ‘Audience Please Podcast’, a familiar face at gigs and all round gentleman. He gives us an insight on what it is like […]

New Series: A Chit Chat with… A DIY Promoter.

Hello everyone! Ben here, back with something new for you! This week, we present to you the first of our series “A chit chat with…” on The Number Group channel! We had a chit chat with a DIY promoter, the lovely Tom Parrish, from Hunting Season and Ranch Records, who puts on shows all around London, […]