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New Series: A Chit Chat with… A DIY Promoter.

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Hello everyone! Ben here, back with something new for you!

This week, we present to you the first of our series “A chit chat with…” on The Number Group channel!

We had a chit chat with a DIY promoter, the lovely Tom Parrish, from Hunting Season and Ranch Records, who puts on shows all around London, bookings bands the likes of JOHN, USA Nails, Frauds, Death Pedals, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, to name but a few.

We started this series to have a chat with people that work in music, and showcase all of the many faces and roles that it entails, in a short and sweet format, quickfire round of questions!

So have a look below, and get some insider knowledge, from a DIY Promoter!

Stay safe and happy!

Ben and Team 9294 x

PS: ICYMI, you can see and listen here my 10 albums, as part of the Facebook Challenge.

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