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A Chit Chat With… A Lighting Designer!

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Another week of interviews with the unsung heroes of your favourite shows.

Lighting though, how bloody important is it? From mood setting to outright “WOW” in your face factor, it is an integral part of a good show. So this week we speak to Belinda Best, a super talented Lighting Designer (amongst other things).

As well as working for world renowned Southbank Centre, she freelances all over the country, literally putting the limelight on international acts and creating light shows that speak volume.

She gives us some insider knowledge on what it takes to be a lightning designer, some of the challenges of the job, and some pointer on how one could become the lighting engineer of tomorrow.

It’s been a lot of fun doing these videos for you, if you missed the last one with Ethan from Car Seat Headrest, you can watch it here! Also, subscribe to The Number Group on Youtube! Let us know what you think and who/what you’d like to see!

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