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A Chit Chat with… A Music Podcaster!

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Hey everyone! Ben here, back with another episode  of our “A Chit Chat With…”, this week with how to be a music podcaster!

We are joined by lovely music nerd Adam Vallely, from ‘Audience Please Podcast’, a familiar face at gigs and all round gentleman.

He gives us an insight on what it is like to start your own podcast, how to take the leap of faith, and some of his favourite interviews he’s done.

With “A Chit Chat With…”, we aim to showcase people working in the music industry, and the many different jobs that it involves. We hope it might inspire some of you to maybe get involved and get some clarity, and to shine the limelight on the people behind the stage.

We’ve got some great ones lined up for you, if you missed the last one with “A Chit Chat with… a DIY Promoter”, you can watch it here! Also, subscribe to The Number Group on Youtube! Let us know what you think and who/what you’d like to see!

Hope everyone’s doing well, and have a lovely bank Holiday!

Ben and The Number Group team x


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