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A Chit Chat With… A Label Owner (How to start your own label)

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How to start your own music label?

The million dollar question some might say. Have you been contemplating it fo a while but scared to take the plunge? Well had a chit chat with Jack Clothier from Alcopop! Records to give you a few pointers, what he’s most proud of, how he managed to buy the UKIP website for a day and more!

With a SPECTACULAR roster and countless releases to date, feat. Art Brut, Dz Deathrays, Raketkanon, Bo Ningen, Tigercub, Kagoule and many many more, Jack sure hast many stories to tell.

It’s been a lot of fun doing these videos for you, if you missed the last one with Ethan from Car Seat Headrest, you can watch it here! Also, subscribe to The Number Group on Youtube! Let us know what you think and who/what you’d like to see!

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