Monthly Archives: April 2020

New Series: A Chit Chat with… A DIY Promoter.

Hello everyone! Ben here, back with something new for you! This week, we present to you the first of our series “A chit chat with…” on The Number Group channel! We had a chit chat with a DIY promoter, the lovely Tom Parrish, from Hunting Season and Ranch Records, who puts on shows all around London, bookings bands the likes of JOHN, USA Nails, Frauds, Death Pedals, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, to name but a few. We started this series to […]

10 albums to get you through lockdown!

Hello guys! Here are my 10 Albums to shake the isolation blues! We hope you’ve been keeping well in these strange times. Ben here, i am the content manager for The Number Group (Number 90 and Studio 9294). If there’s one “good” thing to come out of this situation we are all in, is that i have had a lot of time to catch up on new music, and rediscover some old records i love. And for most people, music […]

How to nail isolation.

Hey everyone! We hope you guys got to crack a window open and enjoy the sun this week, and that everyone’s keeping well in these very strange times. Here’s what we found to be helpful, as well the obvious social distancing and hygiene measures, to keep sane in these strange times! 1.Stick to a routine. Try and stay productive, get dressed as normal and don’t try to take is as a holiday (at least not too much) 2. Take the […]