A Chit Chat With… Ethan Ives (Car Seat Headrest)

Back again for an episode of “A Chit Chat With…”

With a very, very, very special guest! I got to catch up with Car Seat Headrest’s axe wizard, master guitar player, and all time sweetheart Ethan Ives!

I figured i’d bend the rules of the quickfire questions that our “A Chit Chat With…” series usually follows, as he doesn’t give many interviews, and being a pal, it felt more natural to get a deeper insight on his work to share with you all. Hence the longer interview this week, and don’t think anybody will complain about!

Ethan talks to us about how he joined Car Seat Headrest, his starts with guitar, some of the challenging sides of touring the world and gives us some tips on how to become a professional musician.

We’ve got some great ones lined up for you, if you missed the last one with “A Chit Chat with… A Sound Engineer”, you can watch it here! Also, subscribe to The Number Group on Youtube! Let us know what you think and who/what you’d like to see!

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