10 albums to get you through lockdown!

Hello guys!

Here are my 10 Albums to shake the isolation blues! We hope you’ve been keeping well in these strange times.

Ben here, i am the content manager for The Number Group (Number 90 and Studio 9294).

If there’s one “good” thing to come out of this situation we are all in, is that i have had a lot of time to catch up on new music, and rediscover some old records i love. And for most people, music is to be consumed so quickly nowadays, it sometimes feels like listen to an LP from start to finish is a preposterous concept. Obviously depending on the music you are into

But it’s good to remember that most albums are constructed and set listed the way they are very carefully, and the timeline does matter (Take “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” by the Streets, if you want some great story telling).

For example, one thing i’ve done to keep me busy, is to listen to The Guardian Top 100 records of the 21st Century, starting from 100. Obviously it is all very subjective, but there is some gold in there, and also some nice hidden gems.

What brings me here today, is another lockdown challenge that’s been doing the rounds, and it’s the good ol’ tagging your friends into posting 10 albums they love on Facebook.

I didn’t escape the trend, and was nominated to take part.I know there will be some like minded people in here that might will interested, and don’t we all need music at the moment, if not more than ever.

Here are the 10 Albums to get you through lockdown i chose, there’s  a little bit of everything. Hope you enjoy!

Show me the Body-Body War

An absolute beast of an album by NYC DIY hardcore punk trio. Snarling away their less than biased view of the city they live in. Also, who would’ve thunk banjo would sound so good on a punk album? Listen to it here 

Viagra Boys-Street Worms

Up there in our favourite gigs that happened at the Studios (as well as being top guys), the debut album from Stockholm band make punk the most danceable it will ever be. Big hooks, big presence, mint production and the definition of “all bangers, no filler”. Listen to it here

At The Drive In-Relationship of Command

Mixing post-hardcore with what you could call some otherworldly prog, the LA based band deliver a timeless album with this one. Listen carefully and you’ll discover something new every time. Find the guitar isolated tracks, and you’ll hear how out of the tune the guitars actually are. Guess that’s part of the magic. Listen to it here

Khruangbin-Con Todo El Mundo

Pay attention, like reaaaaaally pay attention. Can you hear a bum note? Can you hear a single mistake on drums? Yeah, no, didn’t think so either. Perfect chill out record. Houston trio redefine musical perfection in all their forms on this one (or anything they do really). Fun fact, they actually used to play at church choir with Beyoncé. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Listen to this here

Father John Misty-God’s Favorite Customer

Mr Tilman bringing it home again with this fantastic record. He manages to always put a twist on a seemingly ballady album, that will break your heart no matter you want it or not (“Please Don’t Die” being a strong contender). Listen to it here

Fugazi-13 songs

Frontman of Minor Threat and creator of the “Straight Edge” movement (although unwillingly) slowed down the tempo with the debut Fugazi album. Considered to be one of the Holy Grails of punk music and rightfully so, this records hits a nerve. Also the bassline of “Waiting Room” is on of the catchiest ever. Listen to it here

Rage Against The Machine-Rage Against The Machine

Pummeling and politically charged is an understatement for RATM’s debut. I was thinking recently that i would love to be able to listen to this for the first time again. If you are, well you are a lucky bastard. Also, one amazing artwork on this album. Listen to it here

Wu Tang Clan-Enter the Wu Tang Clan (36 Chambers)

Straight from the slums of Shaolin. Another debut and what a memorable one. It could’ve been released yesterday and no one would know the difference. The Staten Island collective shine a new light on East Coast hip-hop, amidst the big East vs West clash. A Beauty. Listen to it here

Mac Demarco-2

For a carefree jangly rock-n-roll oeuvre, Demarco’s second album hits best with a beer in the sun and no top on. A true prodigy and man of the people, it is hard to dislike the Canadian slack-rocker. It’s also very hard to be in a bad mood when this album is on. Much needed. Listen to it here


Another memorable performance at Studio 9294. Bristol’s fab 5’s debut album was, and still is, a breath of fresh air in the musical landscape. It also propelled them into much bigger stages, and all over the world. It also boosted a wave of like minded band onto the airways, and it’s truly heartwarming to see a genuinely lovely and hard working band getting what they deserve. Listen to it here


We hope you found a bit of inspiration in this, and let us know what albums have been getting you through the weeks!

Also feel free to let us know what content you’d like to see and how we can improve! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Ben & the whole Number Group team x



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